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Who teaches what at the Institute?

Overview of the course offerings sorted by the lecturer in alphabetical order


E-Mail: sigita.baguzaite@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Museology (bachelor, required),
Material Culture in the Eastern Baltics, First Millennium AD (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Arūnas BAUBLYS, position: Senior lecturer, teaches since 1998.

E-mail: arunas.baublys@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Auxiliary Sciences of History (bachelor, required),
Basics of Museology (bachelor, elective), Numismatics (bachelor, elective), Management of Cultural Heritage (master, elective).

Doc Dr Albertas BITINAS

E-Mail: albertas.bitinas@apc.ku.lt

Subjects taught: General Geology (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Audronė BLIUJIENĖ, position: Professor; teaches since 2006.

E-Mail: audrone.bliujiene@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Baltic Sea Region during the Roman and Migration Period (bachelor, required),
Prehistoric Art (bachelor, elective).

Prof Dr Linas DAUGNORA, position: Research professor; teaches since 2011.

E-Mail: daugnora@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Anthropology and the Human History (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Aldis GEDUTIS

E-Mail: aldis.gedutis@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Philosophy (bachelor, required), Logic (bachelor, required in one study programme and elective in another),
Philosophy of Science (master, elective).

Prof Dr hab. Algirdas GIRININKAS, position: Research professor; teaches since 2006.

E-Mail: sakaliske@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Experimental Archaeology (bachelor, elective), Human Lifestyle in Prehistory (bachelor, elective).

Dr Marius IRŠĖNAS, teaches since 2010.

E-Mail: marius.irsenas@vda.lt

Subjects taught: Visualization of Cultural Heritage (master, elective).

Dr Gintautas JAKŠTYS

E-Mail: gintautasjakstys@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of Everyday Life (bachelor, elective), The History of Military Thought and Warfare (master, elective).

Doc Dr Vytautas JOKUBAUSKAS, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 2011.

E-Mail: vytautas.jokubauskas@ku.lt

Subjects taught: History of Warfare (bachelor, required),
History of Lithuanian Military in the 13th-20th C. (bachelor, elective), Baltic Sea Region Military History, 16th to 19th C. (master, elective), Lithuanian Defence in the Context of Baltic States, the 1920s and 1930s (master, elective).

Dr Darius JUODIS, position: Lecturer; teaches since 2021.

E-Mail: istorikas.darius@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Resistance Movements in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century (master, elective).

Dr Raimondas KAZLAUSKAS, position: Lecturer; teaches since 2003.

E-Mail: kazlauskasrai@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of Antiquity (bachelor, required).


E-Mail: milda.kontrime@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of Europe’s Pandemics (bachelor, elective).


E-Mail: liutauras.kraniauskas@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Sociology (bachelor, required in one study programme and an elective in another).

Mgr Rokas KRANIAUSKAS, position: Junior lecturer

E-Mail: r.kraniauskas@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Use of Digital Methods (bachelor, elective).

Dr Česlovas LAURINAVIČIUS, teaches since 1998.

E-Mail: laurinaviciusc@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Lithuanian-Russian Relations in 1918–1940 (master, elective).

Mgr Ieva MASIULIENĖ, position: Research associate; teaches since 2015.

E-Mail: ieva.masiuliene@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Digital Methods in Archaeology (bachelor, elective).

Dr Rimantas MIKNYS, position: Professor; teaches since 1998.

E-Mail: rimantas.miknys@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Nationalism and Modern Society in East-Central Europe and the Baltic Region, 19th C.–early 20th C. (master, required),
History of Poland (bachelor, elective).

Dr Raimonda NABAŽAITĖ, position: Research fellow.

E-Mail: r.nabazaite@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Archaeology of the Early Modern Period (bachelor, required),
Industrial Archaeology (bachelor, elective).

Dr Egidijus PAPEČKYS

E-Mail: egpapec@yahoo.com

Subjects taught: European Security and Terrorism from the 20th to the 21st Century (bachelor, elective).

Dr Klaidas PERMINAS, position: Lecturer; teaches since 2006.

E-Mail: klaidas.p@balticum-tv.lt

Subjects taught: Introduction to Archaeological Studies (bachelor, required), Archaeological Fieldwork Practice (bachelor, required),
Archaeological Practice (bachelor, elective), History of Navigation (bachelor, elective), History of Navigation in the Baltic Sea Region (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Silva POCYTĖ, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 1995.

E-mail: silva.pocyte@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Borderlands between National Cultures in the Baltic Sea Region (master, required),
Russian History (bachelor, elective), Lithuanian-German Relations, 19th to 20th C. (master, elective).

Dr Elena PRANCKĖNAITĖ, position: Research fellow.

E-mail: elena.pranckenaite@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Methods of Underwater Research (bachelor, required).

Dr Tomas RIMKUS, position: Lecturer; teaches since 2019.

E-Mail: tomas.rimkus@ku.lt

Subjects taught: Stone and Bronze Ages (bachelor, required), Technological Changes in Prehistory (bachelor, required).

Dr Vasilijus SAFRONOVAS, position: Professor; teaches since 2008.

E-Mail: vasilijus.safronovas@ku.lt

Subjects taught: Baltic Region: Concepts of Mental Geography and Spatial Imagination (master, required), Nationalism in German History (master, required, in collaboration with Hektoras Vitkus),
Klaipėda City and Region History (bachelor, elective), The Great War from the Eastern European Perspective (master, elective).

Dr Jolanta SKURDAUSKIENĖ, position: Lecturer; teaches since 2021.

E-Mail: jolantaskurd@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Society and Economy in the Baltic Region (15th to 19th C.) (master, required).

Dr Justas STONČIUS, position: Research fellow; teaches since 2016.

E-Mail: justston@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of Poland (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Nijolė STRAKAUSKAITĖ, position: Senior research fellow; teaches since 1993.

E-Mail: nijole.strakauskaite@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of European Culture (bachelor, required),
History of Germany (bachelor, elective), East and West Prussian History, 16th to 20th C. (master, elective).

Doc Dr Marius ŠČAVINSKAS, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 2005.

E-Mail: scavinskas.marius@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Introduction to Historical Studies (bachelor, required), History of Medieval Europe (bachelor, required), History of Europe in the Middle Ages (5th to 11th C.) (bachelor, required), History of Europe in the Middle Ages (12th to 15th c.) (bachelor, required),
Lithuanian History in the Middle Ages: Controversial Issues (bachelor, elective), Medieval Lithuania: Comparative Social History Approach (master, elective), Crusades in the Baltic Rim: Ideology and Practice (master, elective).

Doc Dr Rita Regina TRIMONIENĖ, position: Professor; teaches since 2019.

E-Mail: rita.trimone@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (13th C.–mid-16th C.) (bachelor, required), History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (mid-16th C.–18th C.) (bachelor, required),
History of Jagiellonian Europe from the Early 15th C. to 1526 (bachelor, elective), Microhistory: Methodology and Research (master, elective).

Dr Edvinas UBIS, position: Research fellow.

E-Mail: edvinas.ubis@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Artefactology (bachelor, elective).

Dr Miglė URBONAITĖ-UBĖ, position: Research fellow; teaches since 2020.

E-Mail: migle.ube@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Medieval Archaeology (bachelor, required).

Dr Vykintas VAITKEVIČIUS, position: Professor; teaches since 2008.

E-Mail: vykintas.vaitkevicius@ku.lt

Subjects taught: Conflict Archaeology of Modern Period (bachelor, required),
Lithuanian Studies in Archaeological Theory and Fieldwork (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Vacys VAIVADA, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 1995.

E-Mail: vacys.vaivada@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of Europe, mid-15th C. to the 18th C. (bachelor, required), History of Lithuania from the Middle Ages to the Late 18th Century (bachelor, required),
Society and the Confessional Processes in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 15th–16th Centuries (master, elective).

Prof Dr Vygantas VAREIKIS, position: Professor; teaches since 1994.

E-Mail: vygantas.vareikis@gmail.com

Subjects taught: History of Europe in the 19th Century (bachelor, required), History of Europe in the 20th Century (bachelor, required), History of Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries (bachelor, required), Methodology of Historical Research (bachelor, required), Jewish History in Baltic Region and East-Central Europe master, required),
History of Genocides in Europe (bachelor, elective, in collaboration with Hektoras Vitkus), History of Klaipeda in the Soviet Period (bachelor, elective).

Dr Ernestas VASILIAUSKAS, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 2007.

E-Mail: ernestas@inbox.lv

Subjects taught: Historical Cartography (bachelor, required),
Christianisation of the Eastern Baltics based on Archaeological Data (9th to 17th C.) (bachelor, elective).

Dr Hektoras VITKUS, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 2003.

E-Mail: hektoras.vitkus@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Archival Practice (bachelor, required), History of Ideologies (bachelor, required), Lithuanian History (19th to 20th C.) (bachelor, required), Nationalism in German History (master, required, in collaboration with Vasilijus Safronovas),
Archival Science (bachelor, elective), History of Genocides in Europe (bachelor, elective, in collaboration with Vygantas Vareikis), History of Latvia, Estonia and Finland (bachelor, elective), History of Scandinavian Countries (bachelor, elective), The History of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe (master, elective), Historiography and Methodology of the Military History (master, elective).

Dr Manvydas VITKŪNAS, position: Senior lecturer; teaches since 2021.

E-Mail: manvydas.vitkunas@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Barbaricum: Ancient Europe (bachelor, elective), European Colonial History (bachelor, elective).

Doc Dr Gintautas ZABIELA, position: Professor; teaches since 2006.

E-Mail: gintautas.zabiela@ku.lt

Subjects taught: Archaeological Practice (bachelor, required), Heritage Conservation and Management (bachelor, required), Hillforts in Cultural Landscape (bachelor, required),
History of Fortification (master, elective).

Dr Indrė ŽIGEU

E-Mail: indre.zigeu@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Academic and Professional Ethics (bachelor, required),
Archaeological Research Strategies (bachelor, elective).

Prof Dr hab. Vladas ŽULKUS, position: Research professor; teaches since 1993.

E-Mail: vladas.maritime@gmail.com

Subjects taught: Viking Age Archaeology in Lithuania (bachelor, elective).